Benten Massage

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Name Benten Massage
Address 128/8 Silom Soi6 Opposite Bangkok 10500
Area Si Lom Nearest Station BTS Sala Daeng
Genre Fashion Massage Tel Number 0-2634-2912
Open Hours 11:00-24:00 Closed
Credit Card Date
Access 7 minutes walk from BTS Sala Daeng

Menu Time Price
All in 1hour 1300B
Menu Time Price
Thai Massage 1hour/1.5hour 700B/900B
Oil Massage 1hour/1.5hour 700B/900B
Aroma Oil Massage 1hour/1.5hour 700B/900B
Lotion Massage 1hour/1.5hour 700B/900B
Special Testicle Massage 1hour 800B
Enjoy Course
Menu Time Price
Golden World 1hour/1.5hour 1300B/1500B
Blue Body 1hour/1.5hour 2300B/2600B
Benten Massage, 5.7 out of 10 based on 27 ratings

1 Review for “Benten Massage”

  1. inetero says:

    Is truly the worst massage I have visited in Bangkok. High prices and girls incapable and bad. Advice, stay away from this room.


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