Thai pop star Natthew expresses interest in collaboration with 2PM’s Nichkhun

Singer Natthew, who recently won the award for Best Asian Artist Thailand from the 14th Mnet Asian Music Awards, recently expressed interest in a collaboration with 2PM member Nichkhun.


SE Asia stocks mostly up, Thai stocks flat

Most Southeast Asian stocks edged slightly higher today amid selective buying in a thin market, with an anti-government rally in Bangkok capping the Thai benchmark and sending the baht to a one-month low.

The SET index traded nearly unchanged around the 1,428 level, with trading volume falling to around 30 per cent of the full-day average over the past 30 sessions. The market has been range-bound since late last week over political worries.

Google Street View car in Thailand

Google Street View driver made to swear on statue of the Buddha that he was not a spy

Google’s Street View project to map the world by taking pictures from passing cars ignited a minor uproar in northern Thailand where villagers detained a driver and made him swear on a Buddha statue that he was not surveying the area for an unwanted dam project. Villagers in Phrae province have now apologised for mistaking the Google worker for a government snoop.


Twins Special, Maker of Best Thai Boxing Gloves, Muay Thai Gloves, Protective Gear and Fightwear for Martial Arts, Celebrates 21st Anniversary

Legendary manufacturer of martial arts protective gear, training equipment and fightwear, Twins Special, was founded 21 years ago in 1992. Twins boxing gloves, Muay Thai gloves, headgear, shinguards and apparel are worn worldwide by experienced athletes due to their superior quality.

This summer, Twins Special is celebrating 21 years of excellence.


Burmese Refugees Remain in Limbo by Thai Border Despite Political Reforms

The wrinkled limestone karst landscape of the Thai-Burmese border is home to around 130,000 Burmese refugees. Many who fled decades of ethnic conflict have lost their lands, families and livelihoods, and countless children born in makeshift camps have neither set foot in the country of their parents’ birth nor speak their parents’ native tongue. While recent reforms in military-dominated Burma, officially known as Myanmar, have seen democracy icon Aung

Anti-Thaksin rally in Bangkok

Six killed by Thai soldiers during 2010 crackdown on protests, inquest finds

Six unarmed people killed at a Buddhist temple during the military crackdown on anti-government protesters in Bangkok three years ago were hit by bullets fired by Thai soldiers, an inquest has found.

The inquest at the Bangkok south criminal court on Tuesday said four men and one woman, mostly Red Shirt protesters who took refuge in Pathum Wanaram temple near the protest site,


Thai Government, Opposition at Odds Over Amnesty Bill

Thailand is facing new political tensions as the government is preparing to submit an amnesty bill to parliament, along with key finance and infrastructure spending measures. Both anti-government and pro-government groups are preparing for political battle, but some analysts say there could be compromise on the amnesty measure.

Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra faces a new test of political strength during the current parliamentary session,


Thai anti-government group stages protests

Hundreds of Thai protesters have gathered in the Thai capital, Bangkok, to rally against the government and divisive former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who lives in self-imposed exile.

Brandishing Thai national flags as well as the yellow emblem of the country’s monarchy,


Thai Amnesty Push Risks Protests as Stocks Slide

Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra risks the country’s biggest protests this year with a legislative push that includes an amnesty for jailed supporters and 2 trillion baht ($64 billion) of railway investments.

Parliament will from today debate those laws and changes to the constitution imposed after a 2006 coup that ousted her brother,


Thai Bitcoin exchange suspends trading

A Bitcoin exchange in Thailand says it has suspended trading after officials declared the virtual currency illegal.

The company overseeing Bitcoins in the country said the Thai central bank had informed it on Monday that it was illegal to trade Bitcoins, move them in or out of the country, or use them to buy or sell goods or services.