2 for $25: Orchids Thai

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Orchids Thai
ADDRESS: 4956 Martin View Lane (in Harper Hill Commons shopping center on Country Club Road)
PHONE: (336) 293-6612

DAYS/HOURS: 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day
WEBSITE: http://orchidsthai.weebly.com
WHAT WE ATE/COST: Pad Khing (ginger) with tofu ($8.99) and chicken teriyaki ($10.99). We both drank water.
TOTAL FOR TWO: $21.33 for food and tax, plus a tip of $3.67 for a total of $25.
WE COULD HAVE PAID MORE: Entrée prices are a little higher than several other Thai restaurants in the area, though tofu or vegetable-only dishes are $1 cheaper than chicken, pork or beef versions. The priciest things on the menu are the duck dishes at $19.99. Fish dishes are $15.99. Entrée prices depend on which protein you choose, but range from $8.99 to $14.99.
WE COULD HAVE PAID LESS: I considered a large bowl of tom kha soup with tofu for $7.99 (a small bowl is $3.99; add $1 for other proteins). Salads are $7.99 or $8.99. Appetizers start at $4.99.
OTHER COMMENTS: The portions were plentiful and tasty. Our mild entrées were sufficiently mild. A server brought out mugs of hot, sweet ginger tea for us after our meal, a nice surprise.
ATMOSPHERE: The walls are shades of lavender, and there are photographs of beautiful orchids on the walls. Lovely tablecloths cover the tables. It’s still clearly a restaurant in a strip mall, though.
SERVICE: Friendly, though we didn’t have a specific server. All three servers came by our table at one time or another. That might have been different if it were more crowded.
KID-FRIENDLY: Child-sized Thai entrées are $7.99. They also offer chicken nuggets and sesame chicken for $4.99.
VEGETARIAN FRIENDLY: Yes. Most entrees can be made with tofu.
ALCOHOL: A respectable variety of wines.
RESERVATIONS: Not needed, if based on the Friday evening we were there.

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