Thai kids not interested in growing up to become prime minister, survey finds

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Being prime minister – or holding any other political position – is the least desired occupation among Thai children, according to the latest survey ahead of Children’s Day.

Only 4.2 per cent of 1,115 children surveyed between Tuesday and Thursday selected “prime minister/politician” as their “dream career when I grow up”, according to results of a survey by Bangkok University’s Bangkok Poll.

The respondents were children aged six to 14 who live in Bangkok and the surrounding provinces.

The largest group of respondents, 16.6 per cent, picked “doctor” as their dream career. Following this was teacher (14.1 per cent), police officer (11.5 per cent), soldier (11.2 per cent), actor/singer (10.8 per cent), entrepreneur (7.5 per cent), nurse (5.7 per cent), engineer/architect (4.8 per cent) and computer programmer (4.4).

The biggest number of children (45.62 per cent) said they shunned politics as a potential career because they associated it with fuss, conflict and undemocratic activities, Suan Dusit Poll said yesterday. Some 19.35 per cent said they were not interested in politics because they did not like it, because they were bored of it, and because politicians made the country worse and were bad role models for children.

Meanwhile, 25.18 per cent said they were interested in politics because it was important for the country, because they heard political news every day and because politics was taught in their school lessons.

Only 9.85 per cent of respondents said they were “very interested” in politics as they liked it and heard people talking about it, and because their teachers talked about it in classes.

Moreover, 82.33 per cent said they did not find anything satisfying about politics, as it was dominated by disagreements. However, 11.54 per cent were satisfied by the policies of providing free compulsory education and tablet computers.