Lyman Good ready for next Bellator fight after victory in Muay Thai

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Stepping out of your comfort zone is never easy, whether in sports or outside of athletics. At Warrior’s Cup XVII this past weekend, former Bellator MMA welterweight champion Lyman “Cyborg” Good did just that, competing in his first Muay Thai fight.

“This is some thing I have always shined in, especially in my MMA fights,” Lyman said as to why he decide to compete in a Muay Thai bout. “I wanted to take the opportunity now with my time off to do a Muay Thai fight. It’s important to be active and stay competitive and I happened to have a chance to put my skills on display in this fight.”

Good faced off against Strahina Ivanovic, an experienced kickboxer, who fought hard for the duration of their five-round modified rules bout (elbows were not allowed) in front of hordes of TSMMA supporters, clad in their black and white shirts. Ivanovic took a beating, going the distance and suffering through endless barrages from his opponent. Good implemented a tactic he often uses in his MMA fights, using his size and bullying his opponents into the corner through the clinch, then breaking off to throw a barrage of strikes.

“The Muay Thai game is a little different as far as styles,” Good said, “And I know my style as far as stand-up varies differently from their style, it’s very rhythmic and calm and a little predictable sort of, so it was fun to lure someone into my world, which is active and aggressive and moving forward.”

Good seemed to eager to jump back into MMA, taking down Ivanovic at will from the plum, slamming him mercilessly like they were in the cage. Lyman’s last fight in Bellator was on April 4, an unanimous decision win over Dante Rivera, and he was grateful to be able to compete, especially in light of Paul Daley’s situation. “I’ve been thankful enough to have had them be supportive of me to do other things to help with my stand-up and everything else, so I am thankful for that.”

Meanwhile in Bellator, Ben Askren will be defending his title against Andrey Koreshkov, the man that defeated Good to earn that match. Good has no ill-will towards the Russian fighter, but believes that Askren will keep the gold around his waist. “It’s very interesting having fought him before then and how he has molded his wrestling base and style to be more aggressive now and I have seen him become very active as far as after he takes someone down and being very vicious with ground and pound, but hats off to Koreshkov, I wish him luck.”

Lyman has one more fight left on his current Bellator contract before he goes back to re-negotiate or perhaps head elsewhere. “This whole time, I had tunnel vision for just this fight, everything else has been on the backburner, just been training for this fight. From here on out, this is where we go to drawing table to see what is next for me in terms of my MMA fights.” When asked when we would see him in MMA again, he simply said, “Very soon.”

Good had no comment about Uriah Hall’s recent departure from TSMMA, but wished his former teammate well in his new pursuits.



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